Care for your Shutters

Keeping your Pelican Roller Shutters looking like NEW is “Easy as 1-2-3-4-5”.

  1. Make sure guides are not obstructed when curtain is in downward motion.
  2. Clean with hose in open vented position.
  3. When wiping clean, wipe in up and down motion never side to side using only non-abrasive cleaning fluids.
  4. Shutters must be cleaned regularly.   We suggest every 3 months.
  5. We recommend the use of our “Shutter Clean Kit” please ask for prices and details.

N.B. Do not slam the curtain into the box as this may cause a jam.

All Roller Shutters should be operated at least once a month to ensure smooth operation.

We were having problems getting our children to sleep due to noisy neighbours. After Andy from Pelican Roller Shutters installed shutters on the windows we have now have no problems whatsoever.

Derek and Lisa from Safety Bay

My husband Rob is a shift worker so it is important that the bedroom remains dark and quiet thought the daytime. After we had shutters installed from Pelican Roller Shutters the bedroom is pitch dark, cool in summer, warm in winter and quiet despite the traffic.

Dawn and Rob from Rockingham