Features and Benefits



The roller shutters will act as a real deterrent to would be intruder, providing protection against Burglary & Vandalism by preventing easy access through open windows. They are extremely difficult to force entry with or without tools. Roller shutters are operated from inside your home therefore no having to go outside in the middle of a storm or an unsafe scenario. You can close off your home completely to outsiders or create a controlled outlook with partially opened slats.


Roller shutters prevent the Summer heat radiating through windows as well as preventing heat escaping during Winter months. This means that they will help you save money by reducing energy costs all year round which in turn will reduce the damaging affects on our environment. Computer modelling through the University of NSW, Heating & Cooling (Ref Info Bulletin 026) has shown between 25 - 40% Energy Saving on residential properties and up to 59% on residential units. In monitory terms, this equates to the average home saving $1,000 on heating and $400 on cooling per year! 

Protection Against Nature

Wind, Rain, Debris, Hail, are no problem for a roller shutter, making them great for any location from the coast to the outback. There is also the most consistent bit of nature they can deal with. The sun. Prevent sunlight fading your carpet, paintings and soft furnishings by using them for "Filtered light". It is available at soft comfortable levels by simply partially opening the shutter meaning you can enjoy the light without it being overpowering. The advantage to partially opening your shutters is that this will also create air flow allowing your home to "breathe". You can leave them like this in your absence and is also ideal for evaporative a/c systems.


Simulated bushfire exposure tests carried out by the CSIRO (Report BCE Doc.02/160, June 2002) have shown OZ Roll shutters provide improved levels of protection against bushfires. Roller Shutters create a barrier to stop burning debris from entering your home and the broken window and ‘spot’ fires that so often destroy family homes during a bush fire..

Other Benefits

  • Great benefits for shift workers and young children needing to sleep.
  • This allows you the ability to out whilst still having privacy from the outside of the home.
  • Also advantageous for cyclone affected areas.
  • Ideal for larger homes built on smaller blocks.
  • Stylish Design.
  • Wide range of colours to choose from.
  • OZ Roll is the largest roller shutter manufacturer in Australia and we use high quality materials and coatings this includes pre-coated ABR's and Dura Coat 5000.
  • A better product is nearly always better value for money.
  • A product that that has the ability to be able to pay for itself, due to cost saving on energy, not to mention overall peace of mind.


  • Choice of ODS, manual or electric controls.
  • Fully automated electronic controls are also available.
  • A significant reduction in noise level is achieved whether it be busy traffic, neighbours or barking dogs.
  • Windows are secure so you sleep soundly through the worst storms.
  • Do not rattle in strong winds.
  • Protect leaking windows.
  • Unobtrusive.
  • Blends with any architectural style.
  • Window frames and interior furnishings will last longer with roller shutters.
  • "Protect your property from the harsh Australian climate".
  • Clear operation parallel to the window and wall prevents interference with exterior paths and walkways.

My husband Rob is a shift worker so it is important that the bedroom remains dark and quiet thought the daytime. After we had shutters installed from Pelican Roller Shutters the bedroom is pitch dark, cool in summer, warm in winter and quiet despite the traffic.

Dawn and Rob from Rockingham

Having problems from the sun shining through our front windows and heating the house we called Pelican Roller Shutters. Andy recommended we install shutters because of the thermal insulation properties they supplied. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of heat they actually cut out.

Sue and Ray from Waikiki